How Stream Booster Works

Watching Promoted Broadcasts

You earn gold by watching promoted broadcasts of other Stream Booster users. You can further spend this gold on your own channel promotion. Thus, novice streamers and video bloggers help each other in promotion.

Duration of the broadcast watching session, the amount of gold earned and the gold earning rate is displayed below the video. The amount of gold earned per minute increases with each new level. Please note that if you are watching a broadcast that is not currently being promoted, the gold earning rate is reduced by 75%.

Gold is accrued only if the broadcast being watched is live. Also note that gold will not be earned when the player is paused. Users who have the broadcast viewing page open in the background are not counted as viewers and do not receive gold.

Experience Points

Each user receives experience points for activities in Stream Booster system. The experience points are needed to raise the level.

The table below shows how many experience points are given for a particular action.

ActionExperience points
Watching promoted broadcast60 per min.
Watching usual broadcast30 per min.
Each spin in "Slot of Fortune"50
Receiving a random gift500
Victory in the auction2,500
Broadcast raising7,500
Promotion of the YouTube Video250,000
Upgrade "Foresight"15,000
Upgrade "Assiduity"12,500
Upgrade "Proficiency"57,500
Upgrade "VIP-Club"225,000

"Lucky Roulette"

Try your luck and get a great chance to increase the amount of your gold — just buy a ticket for 5,000 and wait for the draw to begin. The more of your tickets participating in the game, the more chances you have to win.

Roulette drawings are held every 5 minutes. The winner of the draw is randomly determined on the server, but the probability theory is valid. A draw participant who has a minimal chance of winning in some cases can win, and a participant who buys the most tickets can lose. When buying roulette tickets, you should be prepared for any outcome, therefore, claims in case of losses with a large number of tickets are not acceptedю It is recommended to buy a moderate number of tickets based on luck.

Immediately after determining the winner, the server sends the result to the browser in which the formal animation takes place. The winner of the draw is shown on the screen, after which the roulette is updated for the next promotion. Updating the page in the browser, switching to another page or closing the tab at the time of roulette rotation resets the animation for the user, but does not affect the result of the drawing.

Winners of recent roulette games can always be seen in the "Previous Roulette Winners" block. If there were no bids from users, then the outcome of the draw is not displayed in the history.

When the user buys a roulette ticket, 10% of its cost is credited to the upcoming jackpot fund. Jackpot draws are held every day.

All users who buy at least one ticket in "Lucky Roulette" will take part in the draw. The chances to hit the jackpot do not depend on the count of purchased tickets and are equal for all participants.


Every user of the Stream Booster system can join the VIP-Club. In order to do this, you need to activate the corresponding upgrade in the control panel.

Membership in the VIP-Club gives a certain status, a special icon and a number of undeniable advantages of using the Stream Booster system:

  • For the duration of the VIP-Club you get the maximum level, regardless of your current level. Due to this, the speed of gold earnings when watching translations increases to the maximum. The size of the random gift also increases to the maximum possible. However, despite reaching the maximum level, you still continue to gain experience points for every active action on the site and your actual level continues to grow.
  • The opportunity to see and reserve one additional day in the "Promotion" section (similarly to the "Foresight" upgrade).
  • Possibility to pre-occupy one additional hour in each of the days in the table of booking seats (similarly to the "Assiduity" upgrade).
  • The cost of most services on the site is reduced by 50%.

"Week of Auctions"

When "Week of Auctions" mode is activated, the place in the reservation table can be occupied only by the results of the auction. The function of early redemption of places is temporarily turned off. The mode is turned on and off automatically every Monday at 00:00:00 by server time (Europe/Moscow), but can be extended by the decision of the site administration.

User Levels

Initially, all system users have the first level. The maximum possible level is 40. Along with the level increase, the advantages from using the system and efficiency of channel promotion increase. The higher your level, the higher the gold earning rate per views of the promoted broadcasts. Moreover, with the increase of the level additional functions of the site are opened and regular gifts are improved.

The table below shows how many experience points you need to reach each level.

LevelExperience pointsExperience points to reach next level

Reservation of the Positions

To promote the broadcast, you need to take a position in the reservation table on the page "Promotion". You can take a position in two ways:

  1. Win in an auction that ends with 0 hours before the promotion.
  2. Redeem the position ahead of time.

The auction for each position in the reservation table is available to each user at any time, if this position is free. In the auction, the participant who made the highest bid before the end of the auction wins and the position is finally assigned to him. The number and size of bids in the auction are unlimited.

Early redemption of positions is available to users who have upgrade "VIP-Club" and only when the "Week of Auctions" mode is deactivated. The more positions a user has purchased early, the higher the cost of each subsequent repurchase. The cost of each subsequent bought-out position is increased by 50,000.

The table below shows an example of the cost of early redemption of several positions.

The number of redeemed positionsThe cost of the next redemptionThe cost with the "VIP-Club" upgrade

Such an increase in the cost of early redemption of each subsequent position allows to avoid monopolization. Thanks to this, almost every user has a chance to take at least one or several positions in the reservation table.