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SolidOrangeFan, reply

If you were blocked / banned in my chat - that means that you were trying to advertise for yourself or follow for follow. Good luck with your streams. Don't advertise in other people's streams. It's very well known to be unacceptable behavior

IronManDuck, reply

SolidOrangeFan, agreed 100 % your very nice and a cool dude if some one made you mad there are a a ** hole

shifting_shadows, reply

SolidOrangeFan, Oh man! I am so glad I checked this again! Thanks, I was just hoping to be unblocked after a certain amount of time.

Also, I didn't realize it was wrong to talk about being a streamer in each other's streams, especially here where this stream booster platform is really built to help us reach more people right? So I was wrong about that, and it sounds like you're a really nice dude! I just wanted to be unblocked eventually, but I understand if not.

shifting_shadows, reply

hey you blocked me in your chat for reaching out to people for a follow for follow I think, I requested a unban like a week and a half ago. Please consider it. :)

My gf and I stream Lofi music, Art, & Video Games. We are both published authors and musicians and artists. My great great granddad is Ernesto Lecuona. We're actually pretty cool people also from America. I just was trying to interact with the people in the chat, I hope you understand and want to connect.

Take care my friend, thanks for considering this.

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