Grand Theft Auto V

Welcome to Los Santos! It seems that the sun is shining brighter here than anywhere on the planet. A chic detailed city and suburb, many colorful places and characters, a variety of transport, an extraordinary plot with unique directorial techniques and millions of Easter eggs. It is impossible not to fall in love with such a game, also with the concept of an open world!

Triple dose of pleasure

Los Santos is a space of unlimited possibilities and non-stop traffic. Even if you decide to ignore the main storyline, some random story will surely find you on its own - whether it is helping a passer-by in catching a thief or an alien-furious trip after a joint that you were suddenly treated to.

The huge virtual world is completely open from the very beginning of the game, but it will take more than one week to explore it. In addition to the traditionally huge metropolis, it is possible to travel through mountains and canyons, deserts and waterfalls. And everywhere you can find wild animals that can perceive you as a hunter and as prey. The developers managed to implement a full-fledged ecosystem - lively, cozy, graceful, charming.

What is the game about?

Perhaps the plot of GTA V can compete on equal terms with a large number of modern films. In front of us, a real performance is played out with three foreground actors - very different, but who have become close thanks to the intricacies of fate.

The story rocks at a slow pace, allowing you to enjoy every moment. Fans of the series may be slightly shocked by the first missions - to walk the dog, ride a bike with their son, do yoga. Then we are offered to spy on a socialite and demonstrate a very intimate scene in detail ... And so smoothly we are led to what we love GTA so much - profanity, black humor, fascinating cut scenes, cruelty, chases and complete trash. In general, criminal romance at maximum speed.

It is worth giving the position to developers who have minimized routine tasks. Switching between characters has proven to be very effective. When Michael takes a break to think about the meaning of being, you can always switch to Trevor, who is implementing another crazy idea. We are not tortured with fillers. Dating, participating in car runs, gambling, etc. is optional, although ignoring all of this is also wrong. It is especially interesting to wander around the local analogue of the Internet - only in it you can calmly hang out for several hours.

The main characters of Grand Theft Auto V

There are 3 key characters in the plot of GTA 5 - you have to control the fate of each of them.

Michael de Santa is an experienced retired bank robber. 9 years ago, during a robbery, he was allegedly killed, but in fact made a deal with law enforcement officers under the witness protection program. He received a new surname and went to live in a new city for himself - Los Santos. Now Michael lives in the Rockford Hills mansion with his dysfunctional family - bitchy daughter Tracy, lazy son Jimmy and ruthless wife Amanda. Only whiskey, old action films and regular trips to a therapist saves him from a depressive home life. A series of random events associated with the Mexican cartel return the hero to the path of a life of crime. Michael is a skilled marksman and has the special ability to slow down when shooting.

Franklin Clinton is the youngest character who dreams of becoming famous in a place where the glorious days of street gangs are long gone. He lives with a very strange aunt Denis and works as a confiscator in a luxury car dealership, but his ambitions are constantly pushing him to change. Soon he meets Michael de Santa, who becomes, in a sense, a mentor for the guy. Franklin possesses high physical prowess, thanks to which he can solve complex problems that are too difficult for his partners. Franklin is a skilled driver with sharp reflexes. His special ability is related to driving.

Trevor Phillips is a former pilot, professional criminal, longtime best friend and partner of Michael in gang affairs. Differs in love of drugs and mental imbalance. Lives in Blaine County Trailer Park. He is the founder of Trevor Philips Enterprises, which mainly makes money selling weapons and drugs. Trevor has a reputation for being difficult. He is extreme, vengeful, nutty, fearless, unpredictable and prone to outbursts of unreasonable rampage. It has an interesting special ability in the game - rage, during which it can deal double hits and take half the damage from opponents.

Main features of GTA 5

Here is a game that has no significant flaws. But there are a lot of strengths in it:

  • The largest interactive open world in the history of the legendary series;
  • Unique real-time character switching mechanics;
  • Cinematic gameplay;
  • Spectacular raids, chases, shootouts, bank robberies;
  • Expanded sports opportunities - from the gym and tennis, to base jumping and jet skiing;
  • Huge arsenal of various weapons;
  • Great graphics that are pleasing to the eye even years after release;
  • Wildlife that forms its own ecosystem;
  • Several enchanting endings, depending on your choice during the passage.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is by far the best game in the series, getting rid of the traditional flaws, and adding in general in all its component components. Rockstar has set the highest bar in this genre, and we can only admire every second of our trip to Los Santos.

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