Neldoreth_inf Plays

Here are some of the recent games that Neldoreth_inf broadcasts on Twitch.

Comments and suggestions

Rabauge, reply

It seems you are not beloved person here :D

xflolucax, reply

Guys he spends real money for gold and is a selfish person not worried about anyone else needing promotion other than himself. Him and the 80 year old man lost boomer wait till the last sec to steal the hours away from everyone and they have thousands of followers and need this page for viewers cause they aren’t good streamers and their followers don’t watch them

xDigitalMayhemx, reply

hey man i really would like to get the 11pm slot but i stand no chance when you drop 200,000 every night on that time slot

Crazy__Dumb, reply

How many times in the same day will you take ???? omg !!!!!!

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